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Dealer Network.org is a comprehensive member-only based buying community consisting of local companies, organizations, and associations, along with their immediate family. We call it our “grassroots” mission and commitment. We utilize the buying power of a mass population of people in which our Dealer Network members receive pre-negotiated discounts and savings from a list of approved Partners of ours, which would normally not be offered if they weren’t part of the Network.

Our members have the ability to choose any of our Partners and take advantage of Dealer Network’s low-cost products and services offerings that specially fit their needs.

Dealer Network.org
Dealer Network.org

In an effort to always bring as much value to our members as possible, Dealer Network will continuously assemble and offer additional products and services exclusively for our members.

Our initial rollout of services to our members is our Automotive Program. We offer special pricing on ALL makes from new car franchises that are pre-screened and have gone through our selection process. We’ll also be listed on our site, select pre-owned vehicles that will be the “specials” for that particular month. Your organization will alert you on a monthly basis of these pre-owned specials, along with any new Preferred Partners that have joined the Network. This way, you’re always updated with the latest information.

We also offer FREE job postings from our parent organizations, along with our Preferred Partners, to our members. So if you, or anyone you know, is looking for a new opportunity in the workplace, go to our “Jobs” tab to see if a new career awaits you.

Because we want to make our company exciting and value-driven as possible, we’re offering a prize to be raffled off every month to include any member that takes advantage of one of our Partners. Just send us an email with your information and your company, the business partner of ours you worked with, along with a video telling us about your experience. The list will be drawn every month, and one person will be selected to win a prize that is marked for that month. That prize will be listed on the website and updated every month. It’s just our way of saying Thank You!

One of the best parts of being a member of Dealer Network is that it’s FREE. There are no annual dues or membership fees. So do yourself and everyone else a favor...Spread the Word!! The Network is only going to get better because the more our members take advantage of our programs, the more companies will want to be a part of Dealer Network.org. Now that’s a win-win!!

Dealer Network.org


Dealer Network does not sell automobiles or negotiate individual transactions. All vehicles arranged for sale are subject to availability and a price prearranged with the participating franchised dealer. A participation fee has been paid by the companies participating in the Dealer Network Program. Certain vehicles may be excluded from the program. Actual savings may vary based on vehicle purchased, dealer and location.