The right price the FIRST TIME..... the right experience EVERYTIME!

Dealer Network

We want to welcome our members to Dealer Network and thank you for being a part of our exciting organization!

Through Dealer Network, you will have access to members-only exclusive pricing and programs. Our companies, which we refer to as our “Preferred Partners,” go through a rigorous prescreening process, and we only allow the best of the best to be part of our organization.

Their pricing and discounts are negotiated in advance, so you receive the best price offered upfront, the first time and every time. This, along with the best experience you’ve ever encountered. That is our pledge to you, our members!

So if it wasn’t a great experience, please email me and share your thoughts and feedback. Also, if you had an enjoyable experience, please let me know as well. When it comes to the success of Dealer Network, the voice of our members is extremely valuable.

So when you think of purchasing any type of product or service, visit our Chapters page, select your state, and contact our Preferred Partners. They want to offer up their “white glove service” and help you in any way they can……and they will!


Keith Misdom
“Connecting People”